Wednesday, July 18, 2012

playing dressup...

I'm lovin' playing dress up...
Can't get enough.

Someone please motivate me to get my REAL camera set up...
With my remote clicker and everything...
Motication people!

Although, I do LOVE my Instagram!

My little one likes to dress up too..
Check her out...
Mini me...
 On to something different.
You all know I'm a single momma and I've touched a bit here and there about my struggles financially. Right now, things are extremely hard. And getting harder. I'm searching for the right words to share my heart on this subject.
But you all know I also have an Etsy shop- Me and My "new" Life
I've created a sweet new custom bracelet called the "Makena"
I live for my daughter she's in my heart and I now wear her on my wrist.
I'd like for you to wear your loved one on your wrist as well...
I'm selling them for $7.00 and a portion will go directly to my sweet girl's bank account and the other portion will be helping me pay my bills.

Everyone has their struggles.
Mine is financially at the moment.

Your support and kind words are always appreciated!



pleated poppy

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The Michelle Show said...

Hello cute dresses! I'm a major girly girl too :)

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