Wednesday, March 16, 2011


ABC’s of me!

A: Age. 26...almost 27...oh lordy!

B: Bed size. Lol...That makes me laugh! Currently, a twin! :{  In storage I've got a comfy queen.

C: Chores No fun...It's non stop when you're a momma....laundry, dishes, make food, clean....

D: Dogs. I personally only have 1, living with the parents we have a total of 4! YIKES!

E: Essential start to your day. Buggy! Then Starbucks!

F: Favorite color. Black....can we say...slimming!

G: Gold or silver. Gold...goes with my skin tone.

H: Height. 5’7”

I: Instruments you play(ed). haha...Nada!

J: Job title. Momma, Customer Service, Momma...

K: Kids. One sweet little Buggy!

L: Live. Currently in a room with my the parents Concord, CA

M: Mom’s name. Sharon

N: Nicknames. Dani

O: Overnight hospital stays. Just when I delivered Buggy.

P: Pet peeves. Husbands

Q: Quote from a movie: Oh I'm terrible at this game.

R: Righty or lefty. Lefty

S: Siblings. My one and only Jessica!

T: Time you wake up. When the Bugs starts fussing....oh the days when I could sleep all day!

U: Underwear. Yes please.

V: Vegetables you don’t like. I'm starting to venture out and eat them all.

W: What makes you run late. Being a momma!

X: X-rays you’ve had. Foot.

Y: Yummy food you make. When I was on my own I cooked every I leave it up to the pops!

Z: Zoo animal favorites: I love the Zoo...anything!

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