Monday, May 23, 2011's never what it seems...

Life is weird I tell ya. I'm confused by it. Not just my life...but everyone's life. You can look at people and think they've got it all, the perfect life, but, in the may just be assuming. Assuming is never good. You want to see the good in people and in life but when something nasty happens it hurts your heart and it makes you rethink the good. It makes you re-eveualate your life, trust and love.You can't look at someone and wish you had their life, you never know what's truly going on. I thought, "Damn, my life is pretty fantastic." I'd been with the love of my life and best friend since 16...yes 16. We'd had rough spots but what relationship doesn't? Little did I know or people looking in know that the other half was struggling with something. I'm starting to get past my issues...well, I mean, as best as possible. Obviously people deal with things in their own way, some open up and some completly shut down. I'd take the opening up any day. Cry, scream, be mad, communicate! Is it really that hard. I've taken the be open...the other half, well that's another story.

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