Wednesday, June 8, 2011 do...

I want to become a hard core crafter...I search blogs for things I can copy and makes me happy. Now that I have my own little apartment I've got the space and time (after the little goes nighty new)... So what's stopping me?? Pure laziness! Working 8 hours a day then taking care of Miss Buggy is tiring! So I'm gonna get my act together and get my craft on!

A few on the to do list:
fabric/tshirt necklace
pic: let birds fly
ruffle headbands
pic: funky polka dot giraffe

yummy flowers
pic: being creative to keep my sanity
pic: craftiness is not optional
pic: every creative endeaver
Enjoying the Small Things
blog, photograph and stay positive like her
pic: enjoying the small things
scrap like her
pic: just me my soilder and our 4 little chicks
yarn covered letters...thinking a M and a 3 (mommy, makena, milo)
or 3 m's
pic: let birds fly

Soooo..... as you can see...I've got a lot to do!!!



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