Tuesday, June 28, 2011

life...oh, life

Life as a momma....ain't as a single momma...really. not. easy.

I leave the house around 8ish every morning, I live and work in parents (daycare) are the opposite direction...only about 10-15 minutes...(they've also offered to pick up the Buggy in the morning to help me out, BUT they do ENOUGH for me...)

So we leave the house around 8ish...get to Nonie and Opa's, unload. Around 8:30ish I get back in the back to where I came from. Get to work usually by 9ish. 

WORK...till 5:30.

Back in the car. Parents house by 6...HWY kill my world.

If I go for a run we usually get out the door by 6:30...30-45 minutes later, pack up. Back in the car. 

Home by 7-7:30.

Lug the chick in...If the dog is home...walk the poor guy, with baby in tow.

Cook dinner. Eat.

Bath. Jammies. Bottle. Bed...sometimes between 7:30-8:30 depends on the night.


I picked up Makena from the in laws, home at 7:15. Home to a seen below.

1. Everything gets piled on the table.
2. Breakfast mess from this morning.
3. Pile for Goodwill since I moved in...month and a half ago. Hallway= perfect spot.
4. Dirty dishes...dishwasher tired to unload and to tired to wash these.

1. Almost din.
2. Chick looks at an unfinished scrapbook.
3. Momma's healthy dinner...sits on the plate for another hour.
4. Little lady chows...and flips me off....sweet girl

1. Cheerios on the floor...from breakfast. Momma still rocking the heels.
2. Awesome...spilled coffee from the morning.
3. Strip baby...clothes thrown to the hallway.
4. Bath time.

1. Jammies, sippy cup with milk, snuggle in glidder, cowie, bed.
2. Momma eats, wine, blog.

It's 9:00 pm. I'm still in my work clothes. Dishes are still in the sink...even more now since dinner. Kitchen a mess. The ladies highchair a mess with dinner uneaten. Momma didn't run, or craft. 

Momma= Tired.

What's your day like?


rebecca said...

oh sheesh. props to you is all I gotta say!!

Kelly @ Run With Glitter said...

If you lived closer to me I would come help you!

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