Saturday, June 18, 2011

this girl...

Is pure happiness....I can't even describe it. She makes all bad, good. The tough days, easy.  She makes my struggles worth it. She's kind, smart, sweet, funny, shy. She lights up the room with her smile and her funny little faces. She gives me the strength I need to keep moving forward. She inspires me to try new things and chase my dreams. The love she's given me in 9.5 months is something I can never say thank you enough for. She may not grow up with having everything or the most expensive things, but she will grow up strong and loved. She will grow up with values, she'll learn to love, forgive, care, be kind. She will grow up knowing her momma will be there for her every step of the way, her momma will walk to the end of the earth and back to provide for her and make her life easy. She'll know her momma loves her.

At 9.5 months this girl...loves FOOD...loves anything. Eats pretty much what ever us grown up are eating. Has 8 teeth (4 top, 4 bottom). Gives kisses (when she's in the mood), high fives, claps, and waves. You can ask where her belly is and where her ears are and she'll pat the belly and put her hands on her ears. Points with her middle finger (hmmmm). Says momma, hi, baby. As of Friday June 18th she's an official crawler! She loves talking. She loves babies and kids. Loves her baths and the pool. Loves her Nonie and Opa. She's a tiny girl....still fitting into some 3 month clothes. Her new thing is throwing tantrums while getting her diaper changed. Mostly drinks from a sippy cup, paci only a night. Laughs at funny faces and noises. Loves her some My Baby Can Read, Dora and the Wonder Pets. Loves being whispered to in the ear. Is getting interested in looking and reading books. Loves being in her crib talking to her dolls before falling asleep or when waking up. Loves exploring outside. She's changing daily it's going too fast!!!


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