Sunday, July 31, 2011

11 months...

My little love,

Another month has past and again I can't believe it. You're 11 months old. I more month and you'll be one. I still can't believe we're here. We got here.

At 11 months I can tell you're going to start being a handful. Your starting to explore and test your boundries. You're a crawler, a fast one at that. You love being chased and told "I'm gonna get you," you'll crawl soooo fast and laugh the entire way. At home your favorite place to crawl is straight down the hall into momma's room. You'll find EVERYTHING that you're not supposed to play with. You haven't managed to pull yourself up standing yet...but I'm sure it's only a matter of time. 

You're still learning things and taking it all in. Your newest things, blowing kisses....the sweetest. Hand to mouth and quickly away. Also you've always played peek-a-boo with a blanket or a toy, but now you've learned to cover your eyes with your hands and move them, when we say peek-a-boo you get the biggest smile on your face. Lately you've had a few temper tantrums. I see that it's more out of being frustrated than mad. It's like something isn't working fast enough for you.  You've also learned to hit...NOT NICE. This upsets mommy because I know you're better than this. Mommy takes your hand and says  "NO" sometimes you think this is funny, other times you know you've done something bad and the tears start flowing. Speaking of bad things, as soon as you're done eating and bored you decide to throw your food off the high chair try...again...not nice. You're slightly obsessed with babies. You can find a baby from far away. You'll cry for a picture of a baby. I love this about you, it shows me your sweet side. Your caring side. It makes me believe you would one day be a very good big sister...but mommies not sure if you'll have that. You're talking up a storm. You say, "bye-bye," with a two handed wave. Yesterday you heard dogs barking and said, "woof, woof." Today mommy said, "ni night" while we were playing and you repeated it no problem! 

The picture above is you in your and your cowie. You have this connection with can be the crankiest little thing and and you get your cowie and happiness overflows! Thanks GOODNESS for cowie!

You've started snuggling when the moment is right for you. I'll be holding you and you'll lean your head on my shoulder. Playing on the floor you'll come and give hugs and you still give your kisses. Now that you're crawling I feel a tiny little hand on my leg letting me know you want ups. 

Makena you've got such a sweet personality, for the most you're a happy girl. I'm such a proud momma. 11 months...time for birthday planning mode! 

Love you Buggy, 


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