Wednesday, July 20, 2011

link up! happy, healthy, me!

Happy Thursday to you lovelies!

I was invited to join a link challenge to live a happier, healthier me!

 Kelly at Run With Glitter recently lost over 90 pounds! AMAZING! Read her full story here. She's looking to keep motivated and to here stories of encouragement and inspiration! I'm happy to take part!

Although I've never entirely struggled with my weight, I haven't always been happy about it and never really made healthy choices. I'd run out to a fast food chain, eat chips or candy, and way to much "diet" coke...Clothes never fit well and I wasn't motivated to dress nicely because I wasn't comfortable. 

A few years ago, I became motivated. I woke up at 5:30 during the week and would run then walk my parents dogs. I worked hard...with the help of over the counter diet pills I got down to 128...the lowest weight I could remember. Slowly I lost my motivation and gained the weight I worked so hard to loose back. 

December 2009 I found out I was expecting...My starting weight was 141...Already feeling uncomfortable in my every day weight, I now would start to slowly gaining weight for the next 9+ months. Though out my pregnancy I tried to eat healthy and make the right decisions for myself and my little bundle. When I checked in the hospital to deliver I was 176...35 pound weight gain! All for the little lady who only weighed 6lbs 14oz! What!? All that weight for that tiny chick!?

She was born August 31,2010. For the next few months I just took her all in...I didn't think twice about my weight...I was HAPPY! We did get out for a few walks and I was struggling with breast feeding. Come November my marriage was slowly crumbling. Emotions were high, depression and post partum were part of my daily life, along with not much weight was melting off...not in healthy ways either. I was basically living off of Starbucks Iced Coffee. I'm pretty sure I dropped quickly to 120lbs.. possibly even less.

Today, I'm a healthy 125. I like the weight I'm at. I'm motivated to dress nicer and I actually feel better about myself. Although I lost my weight because of horrible events in my life...I'm coming out of my depression and now I see I need to work hard and make healthy decisions to keep the weight.

With that...and this lovely link party I'm going to start re motivating myself. I'm going hit the pavement and eat healthier...(as I just finished a Twix!) I'm going to the Farmers Market this evening with my little lady. If she's not motivation enough to live a healthier life...then what is?

Here's to a healthier me...and you!!




Kelly @ Run With Glitter said...

You are just awesome!!! What a great story!!!! I'm so excited that you are going to join me!

hilljean said...

Found you on Running With Glitter! I'm not linking up, but I love reading these stories! I'm not overweight right now, but I'm definitely drinking Waaaay too much Diet Coke, and eating junk. I always feel crappy and I've been really bad about feeding my body good stuff. I just try to eat what will give me instant relief rather than long-run nourishment. This was good for me to read!

Cavinder Family said...

So I knew our daughters were close in age, but didn't know they were born on the same day....and weighed the exact same. Super funny! What time was she born at? :o)

Kelly @ Run With Glitter said...

You have been featured on the HHM Linky this week!

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