Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I'll admit...

I've been waiting for the day that I'd get an anonymous comment. I don't know why I've been looking forward to it...I guess it's because what I'm saying would matter...would have some sort of effect on people.

I got my anon comment. 

It wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be. I got it because of this post and once I got it...I felt pretty crappy. 

I already felt awful enough having to take my sweets to the doctors, having her get shots and blood drawn. I felt awful that I was the one choosing to put her through this. I felt bad that I was alone putting my sweets through pain. 

I don't think we as mothers...or people for that matter, should be made to feel bad for choosing to vaccinate our children?

I'll admit, I have never really researched the pros and cons of vaccinating. The most researching I've done was buying Jenny McCarthy's book and it freaking me out to the point of returning it a few days later. 

I was vaccinated. I'm still here. Happy and healthy.

If it weren't safe...would health care professionals really be doing such a thing considering they want us to be healthy?

Do you think making a mother feel bad about making a choice for her child makes that mother feel good? Do you think sending links to sites of parents who've lost their children really sits well with a mother coping with making the choice to cause pain on their child?

Do you think that typing and sending off your opinion behind an anonymous name makes you feel powerful and that you're making an impact on the world??

If you're able and willing to send off your thoughts...

Why not make it known who you are??


Miss Sparkles said...

It's a personal choice for each mother/guardian to make on their own and I don't believe we have the right to judge others for it.. especially not as an anonymous reader on a platform such as this.

I don't have children yet so I can see both side of the argument, which is very easy when contemplating a hypothetical baby.

I am sure you chose to do what you felt was best for your little lady and I'm sure she's recovered from her trip to the doctors by now and back to herself!

Steph said...

I am not looking forward to our one year shots. I have thought about asking them to not give her so many.. I am a wimp and cant take it.
I am sorry if anyone, anonymous or not, makes you second guess your decisions or makes any pain you feel feel worse.I hate it when mothers go out of their way to make other mothers feel bad. We dont deserve it and we shouldnt do it to each other. I read through the comments and I dont think they intended to make you feel bad... unfortunately, their timing was poor (since you had already done the shots) and insensitive (since you had already done the shots) but just remember.... people love your blog, they love you and they love your bugs!!!

Anonymous said...

I wasn't the anon poster from yesterday, in fact, I hadn't even read your blog until today. I post anonymously because it's simply easier, no log in required. I don't have a blogger account nor do I have a google account that would tell you who I am. I don't know you at all and because of that, I feel there's no need to provide a complete stranger with my full name and even if I left my first, you still would not know who it is. You obviously feel differently, since you've opened up your life to every passerby on the internet by creating a public blog. That's your choice. I read the anon's comments, by no means were they rude or inconsiderate. As a mother, I would think you'd want to hear & understand both sides of the vaccine debate, so that you could make an informed decision. Yes, you may have been vaccinated and you turned out fine, as did I, but there are a very large number of children that have had horrible side effects because of vaccines. To take a dr's word for it that they are doing what is best nowadays is not a good thing. Pharmaceutical companies are known to give dr's kickbacks for prescribing certain meds (vaccines would fall under this). Nowadays, it seems to be mostly about the large corporations making money. It's up to you as a parent to do the necessary research to make an informed decision. That person's point was more than likely to get you to look at the other side of vaccines, which is indicated by them providing you links to info (which I did not follow), not to make you feel bad or upset you.

Dani said...

I agree I don't think anyone meant to make me feel bad...but I did. I already felt bad in general. I love hearing others opinions. And YES I have a blog so I open myself up to people having biggy. I've been thru a lot worse than an anon comment!!

Three's 4 Me said...

The anonymous comments I hear are always pretty low... No bueno!! But listen! I have a question for you about your products, but I can't find where to email you! Can you email me?

I hope to talk to you soon!

Casey said...

I am going to be judgmental about any parent who chooses not to vaccinate their kids. They are taking advantage of everyone who DOES vaccinate their kids. If enough people try to cheat the system like this, the herd immunity we all enjoy (vaccinated or not) will be a distant dream.

Vaccinations do NOT cause autism. They may give your child a slight fever afterwards, but wouldn't you rather have them experience some discomfort now rather than suffer horribly from the measles or lose the ability to walk from polio?

Amy Grace said...

Good job on the vaccinations. People these days don't think about the consequences of NOT vaccinating enough.

Did you know that the research that claimed a link between autism and vaccines has been proven totally wrong?? People now say they don't want to vaccinate their kids because these disease "aren't a problem anymore" but they fail to realize that the diseases aren't a problem because 99% of people are vaccinated. If half of the country stops vaccinating their children, the diseases will come back and affect the newborns without vaccines and people with lowered immune systems because of other conditions like cancer.

Courtney said...

Hey, I found your blog via Little Love's blog hop!

As far as the vaccine issue goes, at this point in time I think it is truly a personal choice that we need to make for our children. One of many that we need to make for them once we become parents.

But as far as not vaxxing or vaxxing being better...well there has not been enough research, imo, of the correlation between vaxxed and non-vaxxed to really come to a solid conclusion. There are important points to consider on both sides of the argument, and the great thing about living in a "developed" country is that we have the choice.

I was not vaccinated for anything, which was pretty unheard of back in the 80's. And while I contracted measles and chicken pox, I lived through it and I am alive and well. Now I'm facing the challenge of vaxing my own daughter and/or vaxing myself. If I vaccinate her, I won't be able to change her diapers for 48 hours (did you know that the active diseases in vaccines are still active in your childs bowel movements for up to 48 hours...crazy!) or I could be infected. It's a really hard choice to make...

Jacquie said...

I am hurt and angry for you. I understand that people can say that the anon person meant no harm and was only trying to educate you…um HELLO!!! Your daughter got her 1 year shots, so obviously for the past year you have chosen to vaccinate her, so therefore leaving you that comment was meant to make you feel bad. You cant take back the last 12 months of shots. It is helpful if you had ASKED about vaccinations before she got her first or even anytime BEFORE you reached the one year. The reason attorney’s have jobs is because you can ALWAYS argue both sides. So should I go around posting comments on peoples blogs who don’t vaccinate because there is NO LINK between vaccinations and autism, or because they put my child at risk by not vaccinating THEIR child, allowing them to contract dieses that once were almost wiped out?!?!? By vaccinating MY child THEIR child is not harmed, but the truth cannot be said for the other way around. I say CONGRATULATIONS on vaccinating her! And even if you hadn’t I would still say congratulations for being a mom. Enough of the hating on each other! Moms should stick together…maybe one day we all will!

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