Wednesday, October 26, 2011

beauty marks...

Beauty marks sounds so much better than moles....don't you agree?

I have A LOT. Big ones...small ones. I've got very fair skin...blonde hair (I think...) and blue eyes.

I'm fair.

It sucks.

And these beauty marks are a constant reminder that the sun and I shouldn't be friends.

I went to the dermatologist on Friday to get my beauty marks checked as I've done in years past...I've gotten a few removed and all came out good in the testing of melanoma.

I scheduled this appointment  because I was actually concerned about one on my leg and who am I kidding? I should be going yearly...The doctor removed that one as well as one on my neck. I'm SURE it'll all come out fine once she calls me sometime this week with the results...

But, what if it wasn't?

I don't know if it's because I'm a momma now...But I'm freaking out. What if it's something more than just a simple removal of a beauty mark being sent to the lab...

What if it is melanoma?

I've talked about my fears on raising my baby alone...but what if something happened to me?

I know I SHOULD never think negative or think of the worst possible things that COULD happen to me...

But I've got a baby to take care of. She needs me. I'm sure we all have the thoughts of what if...

But I'm a MOMMA. I'm HER momma.



Do we take it beyond the what ifs?

Do we have a plan for the what ifs?


Part of growing up and becoming an adult is becoming and being responsible. Part of having a child is is stepping up and being responsible for yourself and that sweet baby.

I don't have a plan if something were to happen to me. I don't have a will, I don't have life insurance, I don't have anything planned for my daughter if something were to go wrong.

Do you have a plan?

I'm going to get those things in order...because I'm a momma and I'm freaking out about the what ifs...

I'm sure I'm fine. We're fine.

But I'll be better once I have a plan.

Share your thoughts on your own plans won't ya??


Sarah said...

I can totally relate to this post! I'm only in my 20's but my grandmother passed away from breast cancer..they say that it can skip a generation..I've heard of ladies getting tested to see if they have the "gene" that can cause breast cancer. I think I am crazy too, but I told my mom the other night..I need to get tested too! I need to make sure that I am here forever. I don't have a plan..but I also keep thinking that life is not guaranteed. I need to get a plan too. Because I have to be here, forever, with Avie! Thanks for posting, I am glad I am not the only one who freaks out :)

Courtney said...

I hate WHAT IFs but you're so right…we need to be responsible as parents to have a plan, in the event of the worse thing happening. It is hard to do it, because it forces us to face that big scary WHAT IF!

Kiara Buechler said...

I freaked out about this alot during the first year of my son's life, but I cooled off a bit the past nine months. It is so hard to decide who should take care of your child should you pass away, I always came back to the same answer, "ME! I should be the one, I don't ever want to leave him!" Suze Orman has a really great, really inexepensive ($13 when I did it) will and estate planning kit. I still haven't had my will notarized, but I figure just having it in writing is better than nothing.

Heliotrope Tree House said...

This is a timely post. I am a single mother and I have sole custody of my seven year old daughter. Her father has supervised visitation and she does not really have much contact with his family. I am all my daughter has and she needs me and relies on me for all of her needs. We are very close...the closest. We are mother and daughter and each other's best friends. I just had a mammogram and was called back to do further testing as something questionable came up. I'm freaking out...depressed and crying a lot about it. Two years ago I had surgery on pre-cancerous cells. Now, I'm thinking "what if" this past year...something was brewing. I have always worried about her. I don't want to think the worst, but part of being a responsible SINGLE planning for the "what if." I'm going to make an appointment with an attorney very soon. I am planning on making a will and finding out all that I need to to ensure her care.

Steph said...

My dad is an insurance agent so I have had life insurance since I was born (and so does Annabelle) I am def. worth more dead than alive right now... but my dad always made the point "there is only ONE thing you can be certain of in life... you WILL die (pleasant I know) and why not have something in place to help your family out of an otherwise financial and emotionally terrible situation?" The later you get one the more expensive they are so I would hop on that train fast but def. get one! Get one for bugs too... you can transfer it in her name to her when she is 18.

As for a will, we dont have a "legal" one...yet... we have written down our wishes on paper and given copies to our families (including who gets to raise Annabelle if something happens to us both and a secondary set of people to raise her if those people are unwilling or unable to do so) It would hold up (I am told in a court if no other document is in place and if its signed by witnesses) We also included our "living" will in case we are hospitalized and need to be put on life support what our wishes then are too. Its all so morbid but its good to have in place in case the worst happens, it will make life on the people you leave behind so much easier.
There is also a place called legal zoom online.. its like $40 and you can get a legal living will drafted up (for more you can get a normal will done too)
hope that helps and keep us updated! wow this is a novel I should have just emailed you.

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