Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Hi guys!

Lately in the blogging world I've been coming into contact with some GREAT bloggers! Like Nicole from Three's 4 Me. She's been putting together a ton of REALLY helpful posts on how to get your small business off the ground and running...for starters...I've learned networking REALLY HELPS. That's how we found each other. I linked up on her blog and she reached out to me...AMAZING. 

So in honor of small business month...

I'm participating in my first EVER giveaway over HERE!

Obviously in order to get yourself known you've got to put yourself out there right?

Give a little to get a little?

I hope. 

I want this blog to be something. I want my story and my thoughts to help benefit someone who is maybe going through the same things as me. 

I want the products in my shop to be sold to the ones who know how much you're benefiting my daughter and I. I want you to know just how much you're APPRECIATED! If you do EVER purchase anything from me...know you're helping me in so many ways. I started my shop because I love CRAFTING. I started my shop because a little goes a LONG way for this single momma...

I remember my first sale on etsy... It wasn't too long ago and it was just a simple headband. I contacted the customer and she asked if I had it in another color...sadly I had to tell her no and I could happily refund her purchase. She said she loved what I had and what she purchased but was really making a purchase to send some cash my way...uhhhhh can we say tear jerker? I was amazed. That small purchase and the kindness was soooo appreciated. 

If you do support me and my shop...know how much you mean to me. 
Like my facebook page and send me a picture of you sporting your goods for my customer love album!

Keep up with me and my blog as I continue on this journey of being a momma and a small business success!

And DON'T FORGET to visit Three's 4 Me and participate in the giveaway...but most importantly follow Nicole's blog because she's doing BIG things over there!!!


Sarah B. said...

What a sweet story! The first sale is always the best one :)

Ashley@Heart2Heart said...

Your blog is so cute! I am your newest follower and I just entered your giveaway over at three's 4 me. SO EXCITED to start reading through your blog! :)

Sunny Vanilla said...

A little does go a long way! I loved your story...kinda melted my heart. I'm following you and your blog journey :)

Pidg said...

Love your blog! I was just wondering today what the title meant..{I'm a new follower} I was a single Mama of 6 I feel your pain. You're awesome and so inspiring keep it up!

Affordable Medical Insurance said...

Such a sweet story!

Three's 4 Me said...

Oh my gosh!! What an amazing person!! People are so sweet once you put yourself out there!! I love posts like this!!! And yay for your giveaway being so successful! Woohoo!

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