Monday, November 28, 2011

all around overwhelmed...

It's almost freakin' Christmas...I'm not ready. Wasn't it just Halloween? Can we reverse time just for a bit? Actually...let's go all the way back to this time last year...I'd like to reply my entire year if you don't mind???

Please and Thank you??

Honestly though...I'm just not ready for it to be Christmas...It's just so far from what I imagined my Christmas's to be like with a baby...Last year we were living with my parents so that was BEYOND what I imagined my first Christmas as a mom to be. This year...yes, I have my own apartment...yes, I have a sweet baby...but I feel like it's too rushed. I rush around, drive to and from, drop baby off, pick baby up, work, home, bed...all over again. Like I was JUST can't be Christmas YET.

I want my house decorated, lights, wreaths, crafts, baking...I want it all...But, I just don't have the time. Plus, how do you get a Christmas tree on the roof of your car by yourself, with a baby? I'm sure the husband will help since things are still working themselves out...but seriously...this is not what I thought. I thought...oh man, the things I thought. I'm not even sure if the things I thought are real or fantasy anymore because this is sooooo off base on how MY life was supposed to be it's overwhelming me now.

I'm overwhelmed BIG TIME.

I just want to crawl in bed, but I can't. I need to make what I thought, fact or fiction, a reality. I need to get my tush off the couch, get cleaning, decorating, crafting, baking...I've got a baby. I've still got my life to live no matter if how I "thought" my life was going to be is not the way it is...what, just because my "husband" isn't here I should have to think of a new reality for my life?


So I've got to wake up and get my booty in's going to be Christmas in just a matter of weeks and this freakin' apartment is going to be in the Christmas Freakin' Spirit....

Mission number one...clean, organize and make room for a Christmas Tree come this weekend baby!

Ohhhh....don't forget about the GIVEAWAY....HERE


Kiara Buechler said...

We've only gotten as far as plugging in a Christmas tree scented wallflower and playing Chrsitmas music, but that helped immensely in bring to reality that Christmas is just four weeks away. I agree, wasn't Halloween just last week??? How can it almost be December?

...sarah. said...

It very much is overwhelming. I admire you for keeping on... keeping on! I say: hang the garland and the spirit will take care of itself! You'll thank yourself for it later.

Anonymous said...

Dani, Sometimes we get wrapped up in what we think holidays and all that are supposed to be like and what we think they need to be. I know that things aren't how you want them, but you've got that little girl, and ANYTHING you do for Christmas will be awesome. Just think, you have a lifetime to "do-it-all". I am amazed by the strong woman you are. Sending love :)

Anonymous said...

please keep going! it will work out! i feel like this at times too, just overwhelmed, not where i pictured myself, frustrated at the daily grind... and mad at the choices i made. it will work out, it will be worth it, it IS worth it. you're doing great.

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