Wednesday, December 14, 2011

all i want for christmas...

If you'd like to purchase them for me (Thank you...) size 8 would be lovely.

Honestly...I never think of anything I want for have never really been important to me. This year though...I think I deserve SOMETHING. And let's be honest...I don't think ANYONE (no names) will be buying me a gift this you...yes, you, reading this post...go ahead...BUY IT FOR ME!

Merry Christmas!


Shannon Marie said...

This is all I want too, in size 8! Ah! We could be twins!
I hope you get them :)
Merry Christmas!

Faith said...

they are so cute! i hope you get them!

Mary said...

Love those boots super cute im new to your blog.just started my should come by and check it out!!just started following you too..!!

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