Wednesday, October 24, 2012

camping attire...

Did I tell you all that we went camping?? In October...camping...we did.
Well, I've been called out a bit...I guess it wasn't "camping." It was in fact a camping resort, where you can camp in tents...but you can also stay in RV's and little cabins...
Hell yes...we stayed in a cabin.

More on our little camping adventure to come...

When in the wilderness...dress the part:


I haven't always been into fashion and dressing "cute." It's become a way of life for me on most days since my separation. A lot of days I feel crappy on the inside...I like to hide that. Dressing up, hair and makeup done helps me feel together. Like I've got my life figured out...even if I don't.

 I want my daughter to see mommy put together, not that I think there is anything wrong with keeping it low key, sweatpants and Uggs, they call my name just like the rest of the world. But there is something about raising a daughter. Taking care of yourself. Taking pride and carrying yourself with confidence is key for little eyes looking up to you. I want her to see me strong and capable. Many days I've wanted to hide and run from the world...but that's not an option. Be up and about, dressed...that helps motivate me, helps me conquer the world.

You don't need expensive brands...I'm basically a Forever21 and Target chick...I've got Gap and a tiny bit of Jcrew and Banana...but mostly my style is SUPER cheap.

I'm pretty sure that shirt is from Ross a long time pants are Gap...Those boots, a hand me down and my hat, the good ol' Targ....


Rekita said...

your outfit is so cute, i need to get me a plaid shirt. saw u on WIWW and i am your newest follower.

have a great evening.

Rosdiana said...

great looks! i love the boots! found you on Tami's blog hop. followed you and if you don't mind to kindly follow back? Thank you so much :)

thedirtyknitter said...

Beautiul outlook to have with your daughter in mind. Love the boots & flannel!

Jillian Nicole said...

The boots and the shirt is a great combo. I like the cool fall look.

Lindsay said...

Your so cute. I love you!

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