Tuesday, November 13, 2012

two years ago today...

Two years ago, I walked away from the only life I knew. It was the beginning of a huge change and life altering events. It was the beginning of me growing, standing up for myself and doing what I needed to do to protect me, my heart, my life. Over the last two years it has been far from easy. There have been tears, arguments, pleading. But through it all...I've walked away a grown, independent woman. I've looked into the depths of my soul, felt my heart break and my world shatter. Only to come out stronger. More alive than I've even known possible. I still struggle on what happened. How it all ended so terribly. But I live my life with the acceptance of not having an understanding. I live the life I was given because I was strong enough to go through it. This life has taught me to be me, someone I truly never knew before. I am capable of far more than I'd ever known. I've been hurt and broken only to truly rebuild. To walk away from a life of comfort to struggle and find my independence. To embrace loneliness. To know love does not always last. To meet people. To experience life. I may not be in the place I imagined but I'm in a much better place than two years ago today. Today, I'm promising myself to accept the life I was given. To stay strong in the loneliness. To strive for the better, not the best. Make peace with the past and move on with the future.


Virginia Battel said...

I believe that we are only meant to experience the things that we are strong enough to get through. whether at the moment we think we are or not. And you are one strong woman!

Katie Did What said...

This is so sweet. I love your attitude, girl. Stay strong and "strive for the better, not the best." I love that.


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