Friday, May 31, 2013

blogger block...

Every blogger has dealt with a case of "blogger's block"

I'm currently on that band wagon. My mind in a mess of words and thoughts and feelings and emotions and, and, and...

My mind isn't letting me process my words to my fingers to my keyboard.

I have so much to say, so much I want to say...but I can't. I have amazing things going on, emotional things, serious things, fun thoughts are going a million miles a minute. My mind won't slow down. It's overwhelming, both in a good way and a crazy way. 

I'm all to familiar with the unfamiliar. The last few months things haven't gone exactly how I thought they'd go...not as smooth as I assumed they would. That's just the way it goes and if anyone can handle it...I suppose it's me. I'm learning to embrace the now, not the tomorrow and forget about yesterday. 

Things will eventually slow down in my mind, I'll find a calming place. Life will take a turn when you  least expect always plays out that way. I honestly can't complain. I'm thankful for every experience and every thought that is running through my's shaping me, building me. Eventually it'll all be at ease...

I heard a song today and I loved a certain line from it....

"If you don't reach for the moon you'll never follow the stars"

(Stand Up by Jessie J)

Music calms me like crazy...I can listen to any song and somehow it can fit perfectly into my life and my situation.

I'll stick with the music and soon find my words...

Did any of that make any sense???

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Lindsay said...

Cute pics friend. Things will be looking up xoxo

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