Friday, April 4, 2014


Do you know what exhaustion really feels like? I thought I know that "newborn" stage where you loose track of which day it is, when you showered last, if you ate or when you slept last? 

Ya...I remember those days. I feel like I'm back there...hence the lack of blog posts for the last month.

^^ That's an old photo because I thought I looked cute, a days...I'm looking like a hot mess. If you follow me on Instagram you can get in on the hot mess action...@newlife88

I've been BUSY. I know everyone uses the word busy like it's going out of style, but since starting school...which by the way was a mid-quarter start up---what's normally 11 weeks is jammed into 5 weeks ,I've been going crazy. Next week is my last week of the quarter then I'll have a week off before going back...but I've switched to days...this night school stuff is nuts. After working all day, trying to spend some time with my girly, rushing to class until 10pm...I just can't do it.

I'm exhausted.

On top of that craziness...I quit my job and started training this week for a new one! I'm going back to hair...

It's all very exciting. So many changes. So many good things coming my way.

I'm exhausted but I'm excited!


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