Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Why am I bloggin? Hmmm. Many reasons actually. My life has completely been turned around...not just because the birth of my sweetness but, in a matter of 6 months I've moved out of a little itty bitty condo into a huge fantastic house, gave birth to Buggy, suffered with a slight case of post par, husband peaced out on me, moved out of the huge fantastic house, moved into my parents house with my baby girl and my pooch Milo and now I'm going through a divorce. Life is anything but normal for me...I'm thinking blogging will help me cope, deal, remember, think, feel, express my thoughts and my days. I want to have a journal for my girl and I. Although things aren't going exactly as planned I'm making the best out of it all. I'm lucky to have my little lady who gives me so much love and happiness, thankful for my parents for taking us in and going above and beyond, my sister for understanding, family and friends who have stuck by my side. This life is in no way what I would have chosen for myself or my daughter but I know this is just the beginning, we've got great things ahead of us and I want to remember it all. I can't let a few bumps and let downs get in the way of life and what's important. Right now I've got a wonderful girl to raise, positive people surrounding us. Becoming a momma made me strong, made me stand up for myself and realize what I deserve in life. So thank you Buggy, for being my baby and my inspiration. It's you and I against the world ready?

Stronger by the day, Dani


Georgie Horn said...

Hi Dani,
So your comment on "All Things Thrifty Blog" and thought I'd stop by and visit. I wondered about the title of your blog and went to one of your first postings. I can identify with your raising a little one on your own. I'll follow along beside you and give you some encouragement. Come by my blog for some puddin n pie.

Lindsay said...

oh man, that's a lot. sounds like you have a good support system though. i'll be checking out your blog now!

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