Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today in the mail I got a package...not just any package..a big giant package of pictures! Yes pictures. I FINALLY ordered about hmmm 500 or so pictures of my little Buggy since the minute she was born. My little lady is almost 5 months old and I just now had time to order them. Whew...sitting there looking back, remembering, reflecting about the moment she entered the world was tough and emotional, but at the same time amazing. I carried this little girl in my belly for 9 months...I dreamed and wished for her since I myself was a little girl. She arrived into my world with a room full of supporters waiting and anticipating her just like I was. She came and I was an emotional wreck, it was such an amazing moment. I had my family there, my husband and best friend by my side. The moment was perfect. At 1:21 a.m on August 31,2010 I had a family of my own. It suddenly wasn't about me or my husband,it was about was about us as a family. Looking back at the pictures reminded me of the day, of love, the love that was in that room that we all shared. I am thankful for my pictures for being able to reflect back at those moments where we were in love, where we shared the moment of love for our baby. 5 months later things aren't exactly like they were when she arrived. Things are hard, sad, and upsetting, but I've got a perfect girl to fill my entire world with love. Things won't always be this way. I've got great memories of a marriage that was full of love and it brought me my little girl, I've got pictures and moments to remember. So with the pictures I've gotta get scrappin' I can't get any more behind with this little lady. I want to document it all...I'm not gonna miss a moment. She's my family. I owe her everything. Here's to making new memories, reflecting on old ones...


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Steph said...

you are my hero.

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