Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Five months....and counting

Update...Buggy is 5 months and 1 day to be exact! Yes, one PROUD momma here. Little thing I swear is talking up a storm and JUST saying... "momomomom" YES!!! That's my girl! (She's def saying mom....right? Go with it!) Girly has one tooth out and about on the bottom already and I think 2 more are trying to make there way to greet us. She's rolling over like CRAZY now. Sometimes she forgets she knows how to roll back over to her back and screams like a LOCO. I swear when she's on the belly she's trying to scoot too...goodness girl...I just had you yesterday, slow down!! Ahhh but I take it all in...every second of her. She's the sweetest little thing. Momma made her her first batch of "organic green bean" baby food! Nothing but the best for my lady...we're going green and home made...holla! She made a few funny faces...but I think she liked it?

I've got a lot on the to do list these

-HUGE stack of pics from when little miss was born up to like hmmm 2 months...Start Scrappin...she's 5 months!

-Must find cute outfit for the lady for pics on Sunday...Yes I'm a crazy mom who is getting her pics done every month for the first year...Again, I'll never get this time back!

-Getting excited to go see Auntie Pita on Sunday...Super Bowl is sooo not our thing...but please let my numbers be winners on the pool thingy I paid $40 bucks for!

-Workin it chubs run!

-BUDGET- I'm usually REALLY good at this...I can control spending and what not...I've got no bills...Thank you mom and dad! But Mr. Starbucks, you and your delish Venti Americano with soy milk and 2 sweet and're killing my pocket book...(I'll see you in the morning but that's it...till next week? DEAL!) I've gotta get budgeting so the Bugs and I can be livin it up large and in charge...ONE DAY. (anyone want to contribute to the "I feel sorry for Dani fund" feel free...gladly taking donations...or Sbucks Americanos)

-Wake up and be ready BEFORE Buggy wakes up...She doesn't wake up until like's sooo LOVELY. But then I'm rushin to get her ready and myself...uhhhh.

-READ, read, READ...I've got a TON of fab books to read...Hopefully no one will ever have to borrow them...(Can you take a guess at what kind of books they are?)

-Pedicure...YES PLEASE (I know, I know...the budget...but, but, but....pretty toes always makes one feel better...RIGHT? :}

I'm sure I could go on and on...but I'm sleepy...and if I don't get to bed soon wakin up before the BUGS won't happen...I don't remember the last time I slept after 7:30...oh how I miss sleeping ALL day long...I sure was fantastic at that!

Nighty New,


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