Monday, May 9, 2011

momma meltdown...

Yup, you read it right! I had my first "I'm a terrible momma" meltdown! Today after work Miss M and I went to get our craftiness on at Joanns today. We strolled the aisles and browsed all the possibilities...I picked up what I needed, checked out and we were on our way. We get home and I unload the little Miss...I notice something instantly..."Cowie" is MIA. I start panicking...I search the car, the stroller...Cowie is no where. We rush inside and I ask my parents with tears building up, "Can you watch Buggy...I lost Cowie...I need to find him!" They say, "ok" and I rush out the door...tears pouring down my face. Thoughts going crazy..."she's going to hate me, she'll be so disappointed, she'll have terrible dreams, she won't sleep." I rush into the store, running through all the aisles, I stop at the cutting counter knowing how pathetic I sound, "did anyone find a blanket with a cow head attached?" Ahhhhh! She found it!!! Woo Who!

I've never been soooo HAPPY to see this:

Miss M is in love with this guy! He or she? Makes her soooo HAPPY! 

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