Monday, June 27, 2011


Yes friends...we're still motivated! Whoop! Saturday morning the little miss and I woke out in our jammies and hit the ground running! Ahhh! It feels good!! The little chub that a push around is good company too...just sits and her.

Self portraits...Who doesn't LOVE them? Can you tell little chick REALLY loves them...she must get it from her momma!

Tonight...we ran...I can tell I'm getting better at this. I walk (a lot) but tonight, I ran, a lot more. I felt good, strong, powerful. And, in all my sweaty, running with a wedgie glory, I pushed myself. I told to this point...don't stop till you get to this point...and all be gosh darn...I did just that! woot!

So I'm thinking I'm getting a bit running/walking obsessed? Good...I think so. It's doing good things to my mind. I can sit ALL day and think of the husband...of how my marriage is falling apart, how lonely life is...blaw. But, when I am with my chick and we're out in the fresh air...I'm thinking of her. I'm thinking about our life. I'm wondering what tomorrow will bring for us. I've also started to recognize that I DON'T need a husband...I can obviously do this ALL on my OWN...but...I want a husband. I like having a husband...a partner...a friend. Especially when you have a baby...He's the one I want to share EVERYTHING with. So, that part SUCKS! But I'll keep running and pushing through...because that's how this momma's gotta do it!

Side note...while on our run, Pandora played Colbie Caillat's "I never told you" one part of the song that made me think of the husband was:

And now I miss everything
About you
I can't believe I still want you
After all the things we've
Been through
I miss everything about you
Without you

Stupid Pandora...Stupid Colbie...Stupid lyrics.


Kim said...

I've just started running again, too, it's so good when you realise you're improving each time, makes it all worth it!

Steph said...

we really are meant to be friends forever!!! yes, lets def keep each other running accountable! Also... how far away do you live from Santa Clarita, Ca? There is a pretty decent possibility we will be moving there at the end of the summer... then maybe we could be ACTUAL running partners and our girls could be besties!

Christa said...

super sweet pictures! love your blog!im your newest follower!

Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

awww your daughter is SO cute!! look at that big smile :)

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