Saturday, July 2, 2011

10 months

Miss Makena,

First off...where has the time gone!! You're 10 sweet months!

When you were born I started a journal about our days, the things you were doing...when life took a turn, the journaling stopped and you continued growing, learning, changing.  Mommy missed recording on paper our memories, your moments. I feel terrible. 10 months later things are a bit blurry. I don't like that. I want to remember everything about you. Everyday you do something new and I want to be able to look back and remember. So, starting tomorrow I'm writing on paper your days, moments, seconds...even if it's a sentence, it's something to look back on...something to remember.

Buggy, at 10 months you can be so serious...cautiously taking in the world, observing, processing life. You concentrate, I look at you and see your mind working, you're figuring out how things work, remembering how you've done something. I can't help but feel proud and impowered when you've learned something new.  You clap all the time...But, you've made the connection when we say, "Yay Makena," that means we're proud and you deserve clapping. You can hear a group cheering or clapping on tv and you join along. You dance when you hear music or when we say, "Go Buggy go." You've learned where you're belly is, your ears and now your feeties. You know what to do with a clip or a comb. You give high fives and you still give the sweetest kisses. You LOVE pointing with your middle finger. You wave all the time.  You're talking up a storm...mostly baby talk, but you do say, "Hi, baby, Dora Dora, momma, mom." Yesterday I'm pretty sure you said, "Nonie." I think you may even say, "Dada." 

About two weeks ago now you learned how to're everywhere now. But, when you go towards something and we say "no" you listen, you understand and for the majority crawl away. I think you may already be over crawling because a few times I've seen you on all fours trying to stand. You've got eight teeth and you'll eat anything. You drink mostly out of a sippy cup and you only use a paci at nap time or ni-nights. You can't live without Cowie. You suck on Cowies hands and snuggle with Cowie. You love your dog-dogs....but you're scared of cats. You aren't a big fan of sitting on grass but you love the pool and the bath. 

You love making friends...mainly with babies and kids. You aren't a big fan of adults that you don't know. You sometimes make changing your diaper a fiasco and throw a tantrum, but for the majority you're the happiest little gal around. You normally go down to sleep without a peep and wake up playing and talking. I think you're going to be a sleeper like momma! You've got long crazy hair that always needs to be in a clip...although you've figured out how to take them out of your hair.

Did I mention you're Momma's girl? You cling to me, you hold tight. You let it be known when you want your Momma. You look at me for reassuarnce that everything it ok. You get you're snugs from Momma and lots of love from Momma. My job as a Momma is hard. But you make everything about this life so worth it. You love me like no other. For the past 10 months I thank you Buggy, for being the best little girly a Momma could ask for. You reassure me that I've done good with you, you let me know one basket of toys is enough for don't need a room full. You make me strive for more in life, you make me work hard. But most of all you love me...

Love you baby girl,



Cavinder Family said...

Beautifully written! Don't know how you do it alone, but you are doing a great job!!!

beachy keen girl said...

What a doll baby! It's so great to write down how you think, feel, and what your little one is doing :)

Michelle (michabella) said...

Your daughter is so precious <3 This is great to write down, a beautiful keepsake for the future! :)

Suzzie V said...

wow she is so cute! way to write down what she is doing, she will love this in the future!

The Miller's said...

Wow. She is gorgeous. You are an amazing Mother from what I can already tell! She is so blessed to have you as her Momma! You can see all the love radiate through the special words you write to her.


Steph said...

She is so lucky to have you as her momma!

Mrs. T said...

She is so adorable!!

rebecca said...

what a sweet letter, and sweet 10 monther. :)

Monica Whitney said...

oh my. she is a doll!

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Laura said...

Came across your blog while blogsurfing. You have such a cute little girl! The letterso he is so sweet! Following!


Dani said...

Thanks EVERYONE for all the kind words!!!

And the new followers! I LOVE YOU!

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