Thursday, July 7, 2011

3rd Of July...

We had a weekend packed full of fun...We're starting traditions and making memories. I'm all about Holiday traditions. Something about the 4th of July makes me feel like a kid again...and having a baby is even better!

This fun filled weekend was all about family...we spent time with the family I created...Makena and I hung out with her Dada. I've always said I'm choosing the path of forgiveness. The husband was and is my best friend...I can battle it out with him and loose time with my daughter or I can work on forgiveness, we can come together and be the family we were meant to be. The husband and I are in a good place. So, on that note...we went to the 3rd of July Parade....

Being a family, seeing the little lady clapping along and dancing to the music was magical. It felt like things were falling into place. We're working on things and it feels good. The outcome may not be what I want, but we just never know. All I can do is appreciate the time and memories we're making with our daughter. After all, it's all about her.

Who doesn't like ice cream trucks and astro pops? I do...and SHE definitely did! 

This chick alone made the day worth while...look at those pig can you resist her? The 3rd of July was a good day...We strolled the streets, cheered and waved for the parade, laughed and smiled. It was about family.

On to the 4th!

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Steph said...

This post made me really happy for you! Keep working on things and Hopefully things DO turn out the way you want! Regardless Makena is sooo lucky to have you and good lord she looks freakin ADORABLE with those pif tails!!!

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