Friday, August 19, 2011

she brushes her teeth....

And LOVES it...

Good thing.

I got a update the other day in my email about babies and teeth...As I read it it was SCREAMING: "Bad mom! Bad mom"...uhhh. I didn't know you should be "brushing" your babies teeth as soon as they pop in! WHAT! Yes...bad mom...I always kind of wiped them, but never brushed them! Chick got teeth at like 3.5 months...she was still pretty much a new born! What in the world...She's got 8 teeth now...don't most almost one year olds only have like two-ish teeth?? How did my kid get eight? (Thank God she was a awesome teether...phew.)

So, I'm a good mom...we're brushing those teeth like no ones business. She thinks it's the best thing ever...if only diaper changing was this easy...



1 comment:

Jordan Marie said...

Ha ha aha ha h ha.
You're funny. She cute!!


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