Friday, December 9, 2011

10 things...

I've never done a 10 things round up type of post before because, really...I can't think of 10 things...ha. But, my lovely friend Elizabeth of E Tells Tales is hosting a link up...and duh...who doesn't want to link up with her??

So..on with it...

1. Chick took her first steps not too long ago...then, went on hiatis and has been keepin' this momma on her toes...but this week she's been standing up and just walkin', it's still just a few steps here and there but it's sooo exciting. She's proud of herself, I'm proud of her...I mean, the gal is 15 months it's about time, but she's leaving babyhood and going into toddlerhood...eeeek.

2. We got our Christmas tree over the weekend...I'm in love. It looks sooo cute in my tiny apartment. I want to leave it up forever. Buggy LOVES it...she sees it and says, "ohhhhhhaaaaa" everytime. She can just have her back to it and turn around and it's, "ohhhhaaaaa." love it.

3. We'll post our holiday decor this weekend...get excited.

4. Speaking of holiday decor...Lovely Pinterest is making me go bonkers and I want to make EVERYTHING I come across...So I'm going to attempt this tonight and this.

5. I did these over the weekend and I need to finish them asap! I was so excited about how they all came out that I ran out to get MORE fabric and plan to make LOTS and LOTS...thinking Etsy shop addition come next year.

6. I belong to a local mom's group that I've NEVER taken part in...well, I take that back...When Makena was born I was part of one and I went to a meet up and left feeling awful, left out and judged. The topic of breastfeeding came up. Makena and I TRIED really had to get breastfeeding down, from the minute I tried in the hospital it was painful, more painful than delivering fact my delivery was such a walk in the park I'd do that over and over...honestly. But breastfeeding was an entire different story. We had latching issues and saw many lactation specialists, we moved on to the nipple shield and pumping. Ugh it was all so exhausting. So, these moms judged me for my way of feeding MY child. I felt so terrible that I never went back. I signed up for a new one and tomorrow will be our first event...a holiday party! Wooo! I'm hoping I..we fit in. I want mom friends and I want little friends for Makena....wish me luck.

7. Christmas shopping...SUCKS. You'll remeber this post. This momma aint got no money. So, I'll only be buying gifts for my parents...because lets be honest I'll never be able to repay them for EVERYTHING they do for Makena and I so if I buy anyone'll be them. And of course my sweet little Bug...although, I think she'd be happy with empty boxes wrapped we'll see.

8. Everyone else will end up with some lovely handmade gifts from Makena with the help of yours truly...I'm thinking....

9. I've got to get better time blogging, etsy, work, baby, home, life...everything...any tips??

10. Last night I went on a "date" with the was nice, was a work holiday party...but it went well...we went as "husband and wife"...together. Who knows what it may have been...but it was good.

Linkin' up with E Tells Tales


Kate Sparkles said...

Ahh I've always been really wary of these Mum-Club things.. My Mum had such a good experience with hers but I've heard horror stories as well.. I hope this new ones works out for you though.. it'd be nice for Makena to have some other littlies to mess around with.

It's so cute she loves the tree. I really wouldn't worry too much about gifts for her this year.. she really is to little to care. You can always pick up cute, inexpensive gifts for them at that age so she has stuff to unwrap but at her age.. she will like the wrappings better!!

Looking forward to seeing all your holiday decorations!

Kit said...

Christmas shopping can be so stressful!!!

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