Friday, May 11, 2012


Passion: Any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling.

What's your passion?

What's mine?

At the moment I'm not talking about love...Although I strongly want that...eventually. 

I'm talking about what makes you passionate in life? What do you have a strong desire for? What do you want to learn...achieve? 

I have a passion for photography. I have a strong passion for it.

My passion for it is so powerful, it scares me to the point of not picking up my camera and trying. Learning. 

I get frustrated that I don't understand it...the things work. 
I want the blurry background. How do I get action shots. Why's everything so dark.
It's frustrating and I give up before I even start.

Not too long ago I spent WAY too much money on my Canon Rebel T2i
because I have a PASSION.

I just read this post over at Just
I got inspired by it. 
She speaks of loosing her passion for something she loved. 

I love photography. Everything about it. I want to capture pretty things. Pictures. Moments.
My daughter.

I don't want to loose this passion. 
I want it to grow into something amazing. 
I want to learn and not be affraid of a few crappy photos. 

Being scared is pushing me away from my passion.
Like anything in life,
you just have to jump in, try, push through.
If you're passionate about something...
Do it.

My new life I've promised myself I'll go for what I want. 
Do what I want.

My passion for photography is one of the things I want to achieve....

Stay tuned....

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{just.lovely.things} said...

no matter what your passion is just dont forget its yours.. however you want to pursue it, however long you want to do it, however you want to get there... its your passion and no one can take that away from you, you call the shots =)

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