Wednesday, June 20, 2012

wide awake...

Have you all heard Katie Perry's new song Wide Awake...

Sista is speaking to my sole.

How are you lovelies?
I've been good...movin thru life. Little Bug was sick last week. Fought with the ex. Realized people aren't you you think or hope.

Makes me sad.

But on a good note...My bug is better for now...damn daycare.
The ex and I are getting along...for now.
But people still confuse me. For now!

I'm soooo happy it's summer and warm...We've taken two trips to the lake...which is wonderful. My girl is a little fish. And I'm working on the tan...if you can't tone it, tan it! Speaking on tonning, I've been getting into running a lot. I mentioned I'm doing The Color Run in August.Then I'm signing up for a few Mud Runs! I'm stoked! I've been coming up with a lot of ideas for my blog and shop...I just need to motivate myself.

Instagram...WHAT have you done to me. Seriously it's the new Pinterest for me. I'm addicted. I've been on Instagram for forever...But I just used it to edit. Now I'm finding what all those pound signs mean and finding all sorts of new people, styles, blogs...oh Instagram.

You blow my mind.

Follow me...

This girl says "hug momma"

And "kiss momma"

Also the kid is a genius!
She stopped using her paci on her own....thank you young one for making my life easier.
Also...we're slowly trying to learn to use the potty. The other night she peed and last night...We had a POOP!

Oh man. This momma is one happy momma.
Who knew poop can get you so happy...
I already knew!




Mrs Mama Bean said...

Girlfran I just live your blog posts. And not to mention your IG ultra cute edited photos!

Sandy a la Mode said...

your shoes are fabulous!!

Lindsay said...

LOVE your style! Own it girl :)

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