Saturday, July 7, 2012


You dream of being a momma..
For me, I dreamed of it as a little girl.
I knew always wanted to be a momma.
I got married, planned my pregnancy.
Getting pregnant took longer than expected.
Finally, I was pregnant.
Nine long months I carried this sweet, very planned for little girl.
Never would I dream that I'd HAVE to be away from her.
I am.

 Not by choice.
But because of divorce.
You have this baby and never have the thought of her being taken from you.
That rules will keep you apart. 
I've only been away from her over night three times.
I'm sure if I were to be married still it would be different.

The bond I've developed with my sweets is beyond what I could have imagined. 
To be away from her my heart aches and my little world feels a bit empty.

I get her back...and I always will.
But it'll happen again...
I'm sure in time it'll be easier and a bit "normal"
Until then...
I ache. Hurt.
And wait for her to return...


My Little Sunshine said...

I know it must be hard, momma! But God will comforts you through the loneliness. : )

Lindsay said...

I know this feeling too well... Hang in there momma! Its the worst feeling. Call me if you get lonley and want to never gets easier but it you learn to deal better xoxo

Shannon Marie said...

I know this will be hard for you, but at least you have adorable photos to look at when you get lonely! Sending you happy thoughts. XO

Ashley said...

I'm so sorry. I can't even imagine how that feels. :(

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