Monday, July 16, 2012

as of today...

Today we're working on five days that my little Bug has been sick...

It started last Wednesday when she went to the doctors to get tested for allergies...which strangely she doesn't have...constant cough, runny nose...what gives.
She got a blood draw and a shot. We went about our day. 
Thursday around two day care called saying she got sick.
Left work to go get my little sweets.
Poor girl.

On our way from the car to the front door, sick again.
Then about two hours later sick again.
All over my couch.
Mind you,
I do not have a washer and dryer in my apartment.
Bad move for anyone with kids.
Especially single parents.
I thought we were in the clear on the throw up and we moved on to the poop department.
Even better.
Non stop poopin.
Her poor toosh.

Saturday at two in the morning chick was crying saying, "I pooped, change my diaper momma."
Nothing better to be woken up to than poop talk...
Two in the morning non the less.
I got her changed and she tells me, "I snuggle in momma's bed."
You had me at "snuggle," kid.
She asked for some milk and I assumed since we were in the clear of the throwing up it'd be fine.
About 30 minutes later...cough, and sick...all over me.
Two thirty in the morning my girl and I were soaking in the tub.
Poor girl. Poor me.

It's Monday and she's still poopin...
Like crazy.
Today I called in sick and tomorrow her dad is staying with her.
Currenlty the little miss is supposed to be napping but instead she's in her bed saying, 
"happy birthday to you," "come on momma," "hi."
At least her spirits are up!

I personally can't afford to take time off work, nor do I have "sick pay."
If I take time off it's either unpaid or I cover it with the very few vacation days I have available. 
I don't rely on her dad much so him helping tomorrow is HUGE.
And to pawn my sick babes off on my parents makes my heart ache a bit.
Having a sick baby is extremely hard,
doing it with or without a partner is hard.
But as a parent you do what you need to do to comfort your babes. 
I couldn't imagine leaving her with anyone today.
So if it means I go unpaid and struggle a bit more...
So be it.

I'm a momma...
This is my job.


Sarah said...

Poor baby! And momma! I'll be praying you both get some rest!

Lindsay said...

Poor baby girl and poor MOMMA :) Hope she feels better soon! xoxo

Ashley said...

Oh no! Poor thing and poor you. My kiddos were both sick for nine days and it was rough!

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