Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Can hurt like hell.
I appreciate honesty.
After what I've been through and experienced, I live for truth.
I want honesty and I want to give honesty back.
But what if the words from honesty and truth hurt?

Today words were exchanged between myself and someone else,
While I appreciated their honest words,
The words stung a bit.
They hurt my heart.
Part of me understood where they were coming from and what they meant.
But their words hurt.
Then I said words,
Instead of taking the high road I stooped to their level.

I did apologize.
I never want to be responsible for anyone elses hurt or pain.

I'm 28 and I'm extremely sensitive.
I've been broken down in the worst ways.
I do still stand.
Unsteady at times, but I do stand.

I want to be treated and treat others with respect and honesty.
I want to love, appreciate, give, cherish.

Words can hurt at any age.
Today I felt like a little kid on the playground.
Then I thought of my sweet girl and the future.
I want her to be strong. I never want her to hurt from other's words.
I definitely don't want her words to hurt others.

I can't protect her from words, I can't even protect myself.
But I can teach by example.
I can live to be the example.

How do you handle words that hurt?


Anonymous said...

If you were hurt by the truth, you have bigger issues to worry about than the words someone spoke to you.

The Michelle Show said...

I'm sensitive too, but I do have a pretty thick skin. I like to remind myself that people will pick out in ou what they see in themselves. It says more about them when they judge me then it does about me.

Lindsay said...

Girl this is so powerful and beautiful. I love were your heart is at. LOVE you so much!

Sadie Dear said...

Sometimes words do hurt... especially when they are the truth. It's a tough call how to handle hurtful words... now, in the case of Anonymous folks that won't even own their identities when they're being snarky- I just brush those folks off and walk away. Matter of fact, that's usually my approach no matter what. When the person that throws the barbs has a valid point, I don't entertain an invitation to argue my point and I will bow out of the conversation but prefer to chew on any changes I need to make in private and through prayer.

Kristina said...

Participating in Mom's Monday Mingle for the first time! I'm your newest fan. :)


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