Thursday, August 2, 2012


I'm one of those people that can hear a song and relate it to my life and to me in the moment. It's crazy.
You all know that Carly Rae Jepsen song..."Call Me Maybe" oh ya...that was me. Any heart beak my life. FUN, "We Are Young" or Gotye, "Somebody That I Used To Know" I live for music these days. My sweets now gets in the car and says, "music on momma" "I like dis' song momma"

Then good ol' pinterest came along and knocked my socks off with all these quotes..Some deep, some just plain freakin' hiliar...

I look back at the past year and a half and think.."Holy hell how did I make it through that?"
But you just do. You live, breath, and get on with it. You make do.
I have a few challenges coming my way as we speak.
I'm standing on the line of giving up and seeing how much more I can take.
I have to take more. It's not JUST me. It's me and my girl.
The good thing is I've had a lot of shit thrown my way at ONCE.
I know I've grown and learned.
Can you imagine,
Being married, having a baby, moving back in with your parents 2.5 months after having baby because you're suddenly getting a divorce.
What in the world.
Ya, that was me.
So I've been dealt a few crazy cards at one time.
I'm still here.
I'll make do and keep trucking along.

I'll continue living, listening to my music, and reading my quotes...


MariaAna said...

Cheers!! and lots of Cheers! yay to the life that is full, yay to the good times and the bad times, yay to every minute of bliss and yay to every minute of tears! just tell yourself Yay!

hilljean said...

I want your hat and each pair of sunglasses :) You're adorbs. Keep trucking!

Lindsay said...

I love everything about you! This blog is going to be big time one day..I know it!

Happy Little Feet said...

I love that quote by Maya Angelou.

Alisa said...

Have found your blog today from the monday mingle blog hop. I have followed via bloglovin.

Just love this post. I use music as therapy. So many songs helped me through different hard times.

Cant wait to get to know you and your blog better.

Mandy said...

Hi there. I found your blog today from Blog Hop Friday.
Thank you for having the strength and courage to post about your journey. We seem to have a way of surviving no matter what gets thrown at us. That is our nature I think, and somehow all the chaos will one day make sense.
I'm a new follower and glad I found you!

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