Monday, August 13, 2012

How was your weekend...
Mine was good! Busy.
I'd like to say I'm consistent in life and schedules and what not...
But I'm FAR from it.
I'd like to do the Iphone weekly pics on Friday like the of the blog world...
But you know...always trying to be different!

The week was pretty mellow...
I decided to revamp a wall in my living room...which is actually the worst wall ever to hang anything on because the dinosaur of an air conditioner is it rattles and moves everything. Great way of thinking outside of the box. High five.
That sweet girl can't get enough of her baby dolls these days.
She woke up with this on Wednesday morning. Her mood was perfectly fine, the only thing wrong was a temp...Weird.
The same day as her temp, the internet guys had to come over...Mr. Milo had to be locked out on the patio. World over according to him.

My sweets and I had a dinner date on Thursday.
And Friday after driving up to see Auntie Jess for the weekend.
Crazy bath hair...Thanks Auntie Jess.
Saturday was pool day...our fav days.
Especially when it's OVER 100 degrees out...
Happy baby=Happy momma.

I forgot a fedora at home and I have like a billion...
You bet your bottom dollar I ran to Target to get this one!
Obsessed. Slightly.

Saturday night game night...
M&M's and a brewski...
Enough said!
Happy Monday!


The Michelle Show said...

Man, Vaughn had a 103.8 temp and was acting fine too! You bet I freaked out a little (a lot) though.

Brittany said...

Your pics are always so great!! I love the wall in your living room, that is awesome!

The Students Wife said...

aww.. I hope she is feeling better! Fevers are the worst!!

I just found your blog from the GFC blog hop :) I'm your newest follower


Kristina said...

Following from Mom's Monday Mingle!

My son is like that too when he gets a fever.

Please stop by & say Hello, if you haven't already. (And follow)


Carley said...

Just found your blog through Casey Wiegand.. love it! Pool days happen lots over here too!! LOVE your fedora!


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