Tuesday, August 14, 2012

nights at home...

Now that my little Bug is in daycare we get back home around 5:30...
We have time to play, cook, relax...then come 7ish sista starts loosing it and is usually heading to bed by then.

Tonight was a good night. 
My house wasn't the cleanest.
I have random piles in weird places.
But I'm ok with it.
I looked around and I was 100% happy in the moment.
We walked our little dog and went about our night...

Chick played on the patio while I cooked...

The weather went from super hot the past few days to nice and breezy...
That was the lovely sky from the patio this evening.

Loves them.

Momma lit candles and had music playing...


Can't live without these guys...

Momma's new shoes!
Hello, yellow!


That's my fur baby Milo...
Buggy says "my buddy"

We hardly venture out at night because my gal NEEDS her sleep but tonight we decided to go get ice cream! It's not often that we do that so it's an exciting treat for both her and momma!

Hope your night was LOVELY!



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