Monday, September 17, 2012

i'm not broken...

But I have been.
Maybe I still am...

But I am rebuilding.

I'm learning about myself through things I've never experienced before.
I'm learning you'll be let down.
I'm learning hearts break in the worst ways possible.
I'm learning trust is taken for granted.

But I'm learning...

You may be broken.
But you're alive.
You'll survive.

I'm learning I'm a strong person.
Stronger than I ever believed I could be.
Or would be.

I'm learning...
I dig too deep for answers...
When there my never be one.

I'm realizing I'm overwhelmed.
With life.
With thoughts.
With feelings.

I know I'm not okay with loosing.
Loosing people.
Loosing friends.
Loosing love.

I'm terrified of being alone. Forever.
In the moment I'm fine.
But what if I'm unloveable.
What if I've been so badly broken that I can no longer love.

I'm scared I'm doing it all wrong as a parent.
I'm scared I'm doing it even worse because I'm a single mother.

I'm fearful of not doing it right.
I'm fearful of not doing enough.
I'm fearful of it all.

But I'm not broken.
I'm a girl that has been broken.
A girl that is rebuilding.

Pinks new album just came out..."Truth About Love" was written for me...and I have "Just Give Me a Reason" on repeat... where my heart is...

Just give me a reason, 
Just a little bit's enough 
Just a second, we're not broken 
Just bent we can learn to LOVE again. 
Oh, it's in the stars, 
It's been written in the scars on our hearts 
We're NOT broken 
Just bent we can learn to love again. 

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1 comment:

StylinMom said...

Beautiful, raw honest post....I have been there the lowest of lows....keep will be joyful and wonderful again!
I promise!

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