Wednesday, September 5, 2012

my bugs second birthday...

A few weeks ago we had a little birthday celebration for my little.
She's two ya know...

I wasn't even going to do anything but then my momma guilt came crashing in....
I wasn't going to have one for her because of many things...
The divorce...the money...
But my momma mind took over and said, "bi-golly she deserves it."


Chuck E Cheese it was...

I'm leaving out a lot of photos out because most of them have her dad and I in them together with her.
Although this is my blog, my world and I try to share most of my life through it...
There are parts of my life I do leave off...

The thought of birthdays for her overwhelms me.
I think more so because I'm mostly raising her on my own.
She will never have the best of everything, I've said that many times before...
But if just one day of the year we can provide her with a day just for her...
I'll do it.
No matter what.

I try and make every day special for her.
She deserves it. All children do.

But birthdays, oh birthdays.

They're just your day.
She's only two.
She will not remember it, at all...
But I will.
My pictures will remind me.

That chick is my bestie...and we've decided the babies are baby besties.
We're forcing it.

This look:

Is a reminder that I'm, we're, doing right by her.
She'll know that we can come together for her no matter what.
That she's just as important if we were together or not.

If I can give her one gift in life it's that she knows she is loved.
That she knows nothing was her fault.
That her little life was wanted,
That we love her.

They sell beer at Chuck E Cheese.
I got me one!
I was celebrating.

We were all celebrating...

Happy Birthday sweet girl...
You're so loved and so very special...


Gilina said...

happy birthday to your little angel :)

Sharmia said...

Happy Birthday! Two is arround the corner for us... I'm not ready lol

Emily Gilbert said...

After stalking your page for over an hour, first of all Happy Birthday little one! Secondly, I admire you for keeping this blog. My son (who's almost 2), dad left me a day before he was born. I can so related on feeling abandoned and stressed, anger, depression etc. I rarely ever talk about it on my blog, but I give you kudos for doing so, it is very comforting to know that you aren't the ONLY one who's been put in that situation.

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