Thursday, February 7, 2013

i'm not cut to be a stay at home momma...

Currently in my new life, you know the one where I quit my job and moved... I'm jobless for the moment and I'm playing housewife/stay at home mom (minus the husband of course). I personally don't think I was built to stay at home...It's one thing to be a single mother, but add on stay at home mom, I'll pass. It's not being home with my child that gets to me because obviously I would love to be with her every minute if possible, it's the constant cleaning, cooking, laundry that ends up getting spread out though the day, it's finding ways to entertain both her and I. Ohhhhhh and that's even harder when you don't have a car.

So we're taking this time to play house until I find a job and a car and a daycare... So until then, this is a little glimpse into our day through the iPhone...

Exhibit one: Potty training=FAIL. Three pees on the floor and diaper it was...

Exhibit two: Sweet moment being exchanged by my children, normally Makena is trying to push the guy away or yelling at him that he touched her from across the room.

Exhibit three: We needed fresh air, momma needed a run.

Exhibit four: outside play, we lived in an apartment before so there wasn't much outside there will be LOTS!

Exhibit five: laundry.

Exhibit six: Dinner prep.

Exhibit seven: cleaning.

Exhibit eight: much needed beverage.

Exhibit nine: family dinners.

There was a ton of other in between stuff that took place and I know once I go back to work I'll wish I had these days I'll take it in and appreciate it all...

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Lindsay said...

Your doing such a good job at it though! That dinner looks delicious :)

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