Monday, April 22, 2013


I'm a true believer of "all things happen for a reason." Although we may not know the reasons of certain things and we may never understand them...the things we experience in life, in some odd way we're meant to experience them. Each thing weather it be love, death, breakups, the loss of a job, an accident...whatever it may be, they happen, they make us stronger in our weakest moments. And each of these moments brings us to the next path. There may be something bigger or another hiccup in the road...but we survive them.

My path was bumpy...I have my moments of feeling sorry for myself, still. But when I reached rock bottom I took control. I made the decision to take full control of my life...of this life and move.

Even last week I had a moment of weakness, of second guessing my choices. But if I hadn't made the move I wouldn't be growing, I wouldn't be learning. I'd be stuck. 

I believe my path is taking me out of my guarded comfort zone, letting me be open to new experiences, to people, to places, Thinking out of my own mind set and letting myself explore a new life, one that I'm choosing for myself, my daughter. Each path we go down is a mystery. We will not know what will happen next, if our choices will bring us to the destination intended. But once we truly stop searching and start living, the possibilities are endless. By taking chances and fully living you never know what might be on the path in front of you. There may be an amazing job, new friends, or even a new love that you never knew existed. You'll sit back with a much clearer mind, you'll go over all the the wrong paths in your head and realize everything was supposed to happen in some strange and twisted way to get you exactly to this moment, to this place. Each day is not promised, each breath is not today as if you're heading down the right it like it's your last. Be open to everything that comes your way, it may be exactly why the past is the past.

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Lindsay said...

:) SO proud of you friend. Things are ALL going to fall into place.

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