Friday, April 19, 2013

chicken enchiladas...

My mom's been cooking these enchiladas for as long as I can's one of my fav meals ever! She does things a bit differently, but to each their own...right??

They're so good I forgot to take a picture once they were cooked and looking yummy!


I boiled an entire whole chicken then shred:

 I used one and a half large cans of green sauce,
Two cans black beans, one large one small can of pinto beans- drained

Add to chicken, bring to boil

Cheese...lots of cheese, and sour cream...

Once I'm ready to roll the enchiladas I spray the pan with Pam cooking spray and I pour the sauce into the pan as well. Lay the tortilla down and pull it to the edge, spoon in the filling, add sour cream and cheese, roll up...

Once all rolled add filling to the top, along with a little sour cream and cheese. Cover with tinfoil, heat in oven at 350 until cheese is melted, remove tinfoil, continue heating until the edges are brown...

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