Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I have a problem...a serious problem, but I can proudly say I've overcome my addiction. 

My addiction of choice: CAFFEINE

If you follow me on instagram @newlife48 you've probably seen my daily Starbucks pictures or Redbull.  I'd drink them daily...multiple trips to Starbucks for an Iced Coffee with Soy Milk and two Sweet and Lows. I'd go so often my two year old daughter new my drink by heart....even the price, $2.95 to be exact. I'd have at least one Redbull a day, I started making iced coffee by the pitcher at home, if I went out to eat I'd have Diet Coke like it was going out of style. I've struggled with this addiction since high school. I couldn't leave the house without a diet coke in my hand. If I didn't have it I'd have terrible head aches, I couldn't concentrate in school, I shake...seriously. My dependency only got worse through the years. 

I was able to give it up when I was pregnant with Makena...well truthfully, I just moved to "caffeine free" I'd drink caffeine free diet coke on the daily, and I'd hit the 'Bucks for a caffeine free Iced Macchiato...soon after she was born, breastfeeding didn't work out and my world was spinning in circles I soon found myself on the Starbucks diet. I drank it like it was water, I didn't eat, I lost all my baby weight and twenty extra pounds. That's when the addiction got out of control. The cravings I felt for an Iced Coffee we uncontrollable. If I'd pass a Starbucks I'd have to make the stop. Once I went back to work I'd stop every morning on my way, wait in the drive thru, inside, however long it took I'd wait. I'd be late to work because of the addiction and I didn't care as long as I walked in with that coffee. 

My Iced Coffee made life complete....that's addiction. 

Recently it's gotten worse. A change needed to be made, a big one. I needed to give it all up, entirely. I couldn't just cut out Starbucks because I knew I'd fall back. Not only was Starbucks the stem of my addiction but it was seriously causing damage to my bank account. I decided to take the leap and go cold turkey....100% caffeine free. On Monday April 8 I decided to challenge myself...a week and two days later I can proudly say I've overcome my addition. I won. I have no desire to go back. I needed to become healthier in my life and my body.

Caffeine addiction is no joke, the withdrawals...oh lord. Within an hour of waking up I could feel the headache creeping on. Full on headache by noon, by night I was cranky, moody...a complete nasty person. Each day got a little worse. My headache was constant. I had the shakes, I was hot then freezing. I'd take a nap when Makena slept, I couldn't exercise because my body was in pain. On Thursday I stayed in bed with Makena practically the entire day because my body hurt so bad. My headache finally disappeared by Sunday. My aches we're slowly leaving my body. The craving is finally fading. I was in a complete funk yesterday and I know it was because I'm still battling through it, and I'm stressed with other things in life...usually, I'd turn to my caffeine like it was my best friend who I depended on so badly to get me through...but yesterday it was just me. A Venti Iced Coffee could do no wrong...but it was doing everything wrong for me. Instead I finally was able to get out for a run, after I finished I was an different person. My mind felt clearer, my body felt at ease. Caffeine addition is crazy...

I'm so glad I took the step to walk away and start living a healthier life...and a few extra dollars is always a good thing too!

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