Monday, April 15, 2013

that time we went "glamping"

My computer is loaded with pictures...which freaks me out to the max, right after Makena was born I loaded ALL her birth pictures on my old computer and BOOM, crashed. Somehow I was lucky enough to get them all pulled off, you'd think I'd learn my lesson about keeping pics on any computer...I haven't. Project picture download will be happening SOON. Last night I was cleaning up some pictures and oh lord, the memories I've captured. There is something about replaying moments through photos, to me it reminds me of how far I've come over the last few years, where I'm headed. I always have good intentions about blogging our adventures, but something new will come up or time or life just gets in the way. This was one adventure I did want to blog about...way back in OCTOBER! I actually did somewhat with an outfit post. But that didn't do justice to our adventure...

So ya....that one time we went camping...or "glamping"

Back in October my sister set up a camping adventure with a few friends and Kenny and I. I'm all about adventure and I actually really LOVE camping. There is something amazing about being outside,   exploring what this world has to offer that so many of us take for granted.

By the looks of my kids face...I think she was fully enjoying herself?? But truthfully, there were NO TENTS...we stayed in a little cottage type cabin...ya we did, so what! We spent our days outside exploring and embracing the scenery. We took walks and ventured down to the lake.

Tents aside we were in full swing with the must haves of camping...

Adult beverages:

Junk food with a little bit of healthy in the mix:

Good BBQ:

Our sleeping arrangements were much like sleeping on the ground, in a tent. Smaller than twin size bunk beds...really? Lets add in the fact that Makena still slept in a crib at the time so I was nervous she'd roll right out of that little bed, so yes indeed we BOTH slept on the bottom bunk, together...I'm sure I've mentioned that my sweet girl HATES sleeping with me or anyone. Girl needs her own bed, no sleep snuggles for, no, no...That made a VERY long, sleepless night.

But we woke up with lots of smiles:

We set out to explore, is there anything cuter than a little girl with pig tales and shorts out on an adventure? I think not. Poor little chick took a few tumbles on our walk but was a total trooper and got right up and started again.

We made our way to the beach, Kenny and I always keeping it fashionable with our sunnies...and ya my hair and makeup is done! Galpming in style....always!

My little beach babe...toes in the sand, happy momma:

 I felt over that weekend my girl grew. She looked a little older, was a little more independent. Give me a day, an hour, a second I can make a memory with her... A weekend of nature was just what she needed, just what we needed. One day we'll camp...real camping, with tents...but until then, our glamping adventure was a success!

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Sarah Riley said...

I totally get it. Glamping with small kids is so special. To see their little eyes light up at everything around them, especially when stargazing at night. Such a lovely story. Thanks for sharing.

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