Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Clearing my head lately has been huge for me...and the way this momma has been clearing her head is by working out. I've been finding motivation thru the unexpected and of course my sweet little sassy child. Ive always had an interest in being healthy and becoming fit. Ive gone in all directions with it... Ive joined gyms, I've done diets, I've taken diet pills, I've done healthy eating. This time around is much different.


Before I got pregnant, I wouldn't say I "let myself go" but I didn't take care of myself. I ate a lot of fast food, I didn't exercise, I watched a ton of TV and lived on diet coke. I'm 5'7" and before my pregnancy I was 142lbs. I was uncomfortable in my own body. I didn't care to dress nice, put my makeup on or do my hair... I rocked a pony daily for the most part. During my pregnancy I was much healthier... and I only gained 32lbs, which is a good pregnancy weight gain.

Once the little chick came I felt like a beast...but soon after was when life took a turn and my weight melted off. It went quick, but it wasn't due to being healthy. My pregnancy weight melted off and another 20lbs or so. It was due to depression, sadness, being a new momma and the Starbucks diet.

I took advantage of actually being thin and took it to a healthier place. I started eating right and exercising...Slowly, I gained some of the weight back and I've maintained a healthy weight for the last two years. I started exercising and eating healthier. I cut out fast food for the most part my soda intake went way down, and I made the choice to not have TV when we moved out on our own.

Not only was I making these changes for myself but I was making them for my daughter. It doesn't matter how young she is, she's still looking up to me. The way I carry myself and present myself, the more I build my confidence and that alone will rub off on my daughter. So lately we've been loading up the stroller and going out for runs. To breath in the fresh air and be outdoors with my girl does amazing things for you mind.

I make an effort to live a healthy lifestyle for myself and my daughter. I'm getting inspired by my surroundings and by certain things afar. I strive to be fit and be proud of the one body that I've been given. To see a change in you body or even yourself is a crazy thing and it proves all things are possible. You have the power to make the change. Find what motivates you. Once you make the change it becomes that much easier. Do it for yourself.

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Carly said...

Love this, it's totally motivating me to get moving this morning! And how fun that you can get exercise together!


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