Thursday, March 21, 2013

it's a bunny thang...

What is it about the Easter Bunny? Real life bunnies are so cute and sweet looking... Big GIANT Bunnies at the mall, not so much. I took my little Bug to the mall yesterday with my sister and little chick was pumped to see the Easter Bunny. Auntie Jess bribed the girl like crazy..."if you sit with the bunny I'll take to you to the Disney store, we'll go to the park, we'll play..." Bugs was all for it...until we got a closer look. She freaked. The girl clung to her momma so hard I couldn't get her to let go. "I don't want to sit with the bunny momma, you sit with me momma, no bunny."

Easter Bunny 2013... Fail.

Much like 2012...

2011 was a success...

I won't lie...I was pretty bummed that little chick couldn't sit alone with the bunny. My sister looked at me and was like "dude...your kid is exactly like you when you were a kid. Oh and don't forget...she's ONLY two." It's true...Makena is just like her momma. I was clingy with my parents, I was terrified of the Easter Bunny. I often worry about her dependency on me. I wonder if it's normal or if it stems from the single parenting. I wonder if I'm raising her with confidence to take on the world and reassuring her that it's ok to be independent. At the same time, as often as her clinginess drives me crazy...I'm thankful she wants her momma, that she loves her momma and knows her momma is her protector. I'll sit on that Eater Bunnies lap as many years as I have to to convince her I'll never leave her side when she needs me the most. She's two...I have to remember this. Little chick often makes me forget that she's still a baby...or a toddler because she presents herself much older with her sass and her speech. I need to remember...most kids are scared of the bunny! Not just mine...check that guy out...I'm a little scared too!

Here's to Scary Bunnies, giving your child confidence and 2014's Easter Bunny picture...(hopefully without momma in it.)

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