Tuesday, April 9, 2013

we found snow...

Over the weekend my sister and I decided to wake up like two girls on a mission... Our mission, get the little Bug in the car and drive until we found snow...

We drove up Hwy 80 for about a hour and started seeing snow covered mountains...we drove a little more until we found patches down low. Mission completed. We parked the car and walked over to a tiny patch of snow covered ground.

I put the little chick down and she freaked. Snow is not this girls all. Not yet anyways. I hope she eventually loves it. We need to spend a weekend in the snow...soon. An hour isn't cutting it. She needs the snow gear and to be outside breathing the fresh air, building a snowman.

There is something amazing about heading out on an adventure...not having a total plan, just getting up and going. It's kind of been the way of life for the last few years. Obviously I've had some sort of plan, you have to after all with a baby...but there is something exciting about the unknown about just getting up and going. 

The adventure of life with a little one is a whole level of excitement in it's own. She could careless about the snow but at least she's getting the moment and the chance to experience it. So what if she'd rather search for the pinecones or she comes up with a crazy story on how to get across the river to see the other snow. One day she'll look back on the photos and be able to reflect on the crazy adventures we set off to accomplish.

I'm all about being adventurous in this life...with her...We're living for the moment and taking it all in for what it's worth. Snow or no's her and I and we'll pave our path one day at a time!


Christa Cox said...

OMG its snowing here in Utah RIGHT NOW!! wth? where is my spring?

Lindsay said...


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