Monday, April 8, 2013

stripes and brown hair...

Happy Monday ya'll! Along with starting over and getting healthy, you may have noticed that I went to the dark side with my hair! I'm obsessed with change...well, change in hair I should say and decided I was holding on the ombre look for far too long...So next up on the hair agenda was going dark! I'm in LOVE with far so good! I'm sure eventually I'll be blonde again...but that's just a given!

Let's talk about these stripes for a minute...the dress so cute...the stripes not so much. But all in all...the dark hair and the dress...Score!


Lindsay said...

Your so cute. I freaking miss you! :(

Rachel said...

The brown hair looks good on you, and I actually like the stripes!

Karen Curtis said...

All of this is so flattering on you. I can tell by your bright smile that you love it too!


Courtney said...

So super cute! I love the bright lipstick color. And the accessories! Such a fun outfit!

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