Thursday, May 9, 2013

29 approaching, reflecting on 28

Reflecting on you're life is always a strange feeling. It can bring you back to the good, the moments you took mental notes on, the ones you'll never want to forget. The laughter, the tears, big events or small...when you reflect you can get taken back quickly. Reminded how extremely fast time goes by. Along with bringing back the good you can be reminded of the other stuff...the stuff you would rather erase from your memory and never be reminded of again. But no matter what you choose to look back on or how you see it, it's all a part of who you are's all part of the path that was chosen for you. The good, the all makes you stronger. It's all made me stronger and who I am today...

I'm turning 29 on Sunday and I'm fully approaching my last year in my 20's with an open mind and heart. When I turned 28 I wrote a "bucket list" of random things I wanted to do or learn...looking back I have done some, and I'm getting better at a few. But the list was silly. My goal at 28 was actually learning about myself. Getting to know the real me as a fully independent woman and mother. Everyday we're always learning something about ourselves some days we're tested and some days we're fully blessed. That's one of the biggest things I've learned over the last year....Things happen, good and bad...but it's how you handle it, how you approach situations and how you let them affect you in your everyday life. I kept myself VERY distracted over the last year...with some good and some bad. But always learning from what each experience had taught me as I walked away. I learned you'll change're mind, your thoughts, your looks, your feelings, the people you surround yourself with, the things you do. But the one thing that will always stay true is you. You're your own best friend. You need to fully embrace YOU as a person to fully experience life. I've battled with that and for the most part I think 28 gave me a good outlook on who I'd like to become and what direction 29 will bring me.

I've learned a lot about myself in my 28th year. I've learned I'm much more capable of what I thought. I'm a strong woman and I'm building my confidence daily. I owe a lot of who I am today to my daughter. If it weren't for her I'd be weak. She builds me up and gives me the strength to want to chase my dreams. I hit weak moments before my move but I looked at her and looked within myself to find the answers on what needed to be done next, and I did exactly what I needed to do in order to give her and I the life we both deserved. This coming year, I'm not searching. I'm not searching for who I am or for security. I'm content with who I am and where I'm going. It may be a slow process but I've learned patience is key. I've learned that whats meant to be will be....when it's time. 

There is lots of good in my life at the moment. 29 will bring more happiness than I could imagine. More dreams to reality. I'm opening myself up to the things I've been closed off to in the past. I'm embracing fears and chasing passions. Overcoming insecurities and learning to live in the present rather than the past. 

29...I'm ready for you...

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