Thursday, May 2, 2013

i'm good at being a momma...

Day two of the Blog everyday in May challenge, is to talk about what I'm good at...

I'm sure I'm good at A LOT of things...but the only thing that I truly think I'm good at, is being a momma. 

I can hands down say parenting is the HARDEST job...ever. On top of that, single parenting is challenging. I have said before being a single parent isn't "hard" for me because it's the only style of parenting I've known...thankfully. But being a momma is something I feel I was meant to do. I feel it's one of the things I'm truly doing right. This little girl depends on me to guide her through life and this crazy far I think we've done a pretty good job.

This little girl is my WORLD. She's amazing. She has become my strength in my weakest points but has made everything even more perfect than I could have ever imagined. She makes me a better person and makes me look deeper into my own heart and soul. She tests my patience and gives me the kind of love that's unimaginable to most. I wouldn't trade a hard day with her to any day without. She was brought into my life for a reason...and I was chosen to be her momma for a reason. The only reason I can think is true love.

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