Friday, August 30, 2013

little girl...big world...

So we've ALL have heard something about Miley Cyrus' VMA performance on MTV the other's all over the news, on the Internet...even on blogs. As parents, as a mother, it's OUR job to guide our children in the right direction. Which ever way they chose to go it's our job to teach them right from wrong. It's our job to bring them into the world, build them, mold them, shape them into successful, kind, bright, intelligent, loving young adults. Yes, my child is only turning three...yes, I have many years before she and I know what her place in this BIG world is...but no matter if she's the next Miley Cyrus or not...she'll be taught to respect herself and others. 

It would be a lie if I said I was not a Miley fan and that while I'm in the car with my daughter and a Miley song comes on we both sing along... It doesn't mean I agree with how her performance was or her image. I've been to a Miley concert---yes, I have. But I promise on daughter will NOT disrespect herself, others or her family in the way she did. 

Little girl...this world is BIG. 

You can be anything you want and I'll encourage you and your journey. I'll be your biggest supporter and motivator. You'll have easy days and you'll hit bumps in the road-- it's only you who can decide on how to react and turn any negative into a positive. You have an entire life ahead of you. You have the power to be you and change the world if you want. Be kind, be open to possibilities, be sensitive but be strong. 

As your mother, it's my job to tell you no, teach you right from wrong, set an may not appreciate it at a certain time in your life...but eventually you'll understand. Chase your dreams, don't get distracted or you, be happy... don't be influenced.

Just like this momma says.... "You'll thank me later...."

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Lindsay said...

You are such a beautiful writer friend. LOVED this post, and love you!

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