Wednesday, November 6, 2013

lets get real...

Lets get real, shall we?

Lets talk about "relationships" and being "single"

As you all know, I've been married, divorced and boom....single. I've been single for a very long time and I think it's been a...personal choice? I'm not able to find the balance between mommy-hood and being a single woman. Or, maybe I choose to not find the balance. Or maybe I haven't come across the person worth making the balance for? Or...maybe I'm just comfortable with the life I'm living and not searching? This is a topic I think of often, obviously.

But I do know I'd never settle just because I want a relationship...In my mind I have a "checklist" of what I'd want...

Fun. Comfortable. Best Friend. Passionate. Loving. Caring. Adventure. Sweet. Kind. 

On. and. On I could go....but most importantly the person I want in my life, I'd want in my little chicks life. I'd want that person to accept her like his own. 

We're a package deal. 

Also on my list is something like THIS.

That's that intense passionate love. That's what loving your best friend looks like. That's knowing you never settled and everything about that person inspires you to be a better be like the person you love.

That's the kind of love I want one day.

That deep connection when you look across a room and he's already looking at you. The person you can share anything and everything with...your past, your present, you future, your dreams. The one who compliments you, completes you. The one who will shave your head for you---never leave your side if that ever were the case.

I've been married, I've been dependent upon someone once before...that can change quickly. I don't completely feel the need to be married again...but I'm not against that, at all. I'm not closed off to meeting and exploring relationships...but I know what I want. What I deserve....I'll never settle for less than a love like the story above. I'll always be independent, I'll always be momma first...I don't need someone to take care of us...I don't need anything from anyone...

It's what I "want" that will keep me single, happily, until I find that kind of love.

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