Friday, December 13, 2013

a road trip...

Hey there's me...I'm still here. Forgive me...

I've been slightly checked out, regrouping, trying to find focus and direction. It started back in October...

The little miss and I decided to hit the road...our first EVER road trip.  I had a few days off randomly and I needed to escape reality for a bit...I called up my lovely friend Lindsay---Leelala, and asked ever so kindly if we could come crash for a few days...she excitedly said yes and opened her home and her heart to me and my little and it was just what this momma needed. 

I won't lie...I was a bit terrified about traveling a long distance with Makena. She's used to being in the car for long periods of time----but 5-6 hours was a new experience for us both. She handled it like a champ! So did I...

We arrived to this:

Lindsay and I met through the wonderful world of blogging...we connected through similar life as divorced single mothers. We both found inspiration in each other, our words, knowing each of us weren't the ONLY ones dealing with the things we were going through. We bonded through comments on our blogs, to emails, to texts and phone calls...eventually finally meeting in San Francisco a few years ago. Our friendship grew even with distance. We bonded over the phone with laughter and tears, we'd talk about parenting, dating, life, divorce...I think we instantly knew our friendship[ would become a life long one...even with distance or not speaking daily---we both know we'll always be there for each other. 

Ohhhhhh and our littles met:

A few days away did my heart good. I needed some girl time. To relax from my hectic life. Breath in a different scenery. Reflect and refocus. I know where I want to be in life...eventually. It's just a matter of time and getting on the right path and finding the right direction and it will all fall into place.

2014 is approaching quickly...maybe just maybe, this will be my year...a bit more calmer I hope.

Maybe more of this is needed:

More trips. More girl time. More laughs. More late nights. More bonding. More smiling. More happiness.

Less worry.
Less stress.

Who knew what a little road trip can do to ones soul...

It did mine good.

Thanks Linds for opening up your heart and home to us! We love you so much!

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Lindsay said...

This makes me so happy. LOVE you. Come back and visit us. The room is ALWAYS open :)

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